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Carl McKenzie Personal Trainer in Kingston




"Results I thought weren't possible and not a second wasted in the gym"

If you've lacked direction with your goals, seen little progress and want to invest in your health this is for you. This is an outcome led, in depth approach to your health and fitness that allows you to train anywhere, anytime. Ready to level up? 


"Working with Carl has been life changing"
- Danica G

Pushing yourself in a motivating and enjoyable environment, these outcome led sessions and packages are designed to get you the results you want. Train with me from a fantastic private facility in the heart of Kingston Upon Thames.


"My passion and commitment to my clients is to help them elevate the way they see themselves, how they perform in and out of the gym and guide them towards a better version of who they are."

I have been moulded into the coach I am today by learning from some of the best coaches in the world. I pride myself on my high standards, quality of sessions delivered and achieving results my clients want.

Carl McKenzie Personal Training in Kingston
Carl McKenzie Personal Training in Kingston
Carl McKenzie Personal Training in Kingston
Carl McKenzie Personal Training in Kingston
Carl McKenzie Personal Training in Kingston
Carl McKenzie Personal Training in Kingston


I started training with Carl a few months ago simply hoping to get a little bit stronger. Since then I've deadlifted a weight I really didn't think was possible for my feeble arms and legs, discovered that, yes, I can move my shoulders out of their hunched-over-my-desk position, learnt so much about technique, seen a faint sign of some actual core muscles. he is a fount of knowledge and full of useful hints and tips, he is very encouraging and just a great guy to be around

Jen A - Online Coaching 

Carl is brilliant! He has far exceeded my expectations: in just a few weeks my overall fitness has improved, I feel great and people around me have started noticing changes.

He is a fantastic coach, clearly explains the technique and always makes sure you are comfortable with each exercise. He provides and seeks regular feedback and makes adjustments to the sessions as needed. You definitely feel it is a team effort.

Lea P - Personal Training

My partner and I have been training with Carl for almost 3 months now and we have loved every minute of it. We look forward to our sessions, where we are challenged and have fun. Carl has helped us massively with nutrition as well and the changes we have made are sustainable. We can already see a massive progress. Carl is an amazing coach, he is not only very knowledgeable but also dedicated, supportive and fun to work with!

Mihaela - Personal Training

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