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Personal training in Kingston and Richmond for all ages and abilities

Whether it's one to one or small group training my sessions offer an in-depth approach to your health and fitness. Everything starts with a consultation and initial assessment, this allows me to design a programme which is aligned with your goals, current abilities and will set you up on the right path to achieve success.

Sessions are held at a private training facility in Kington Upon Thames, and at request your home, regardless of location my aim is always to make these sessions enjoyable, motivating, and challenging.

I pride myself on delivering high quality sessions that provide the outcome you want.

"Carl is brilliant! He has far exceeded my expectations: in just a few weeks my overall fitness has improved, I feel great and people around me have started noticing changes" - Lea P

"Results I thought weren't possible and not a second wasted in the gym"

1 – 1 sessions offer the opportunity to work towards your goals in a challenging and motivating environment.

After an initial consultation and detailed health & lifestyle questionnaire a bespoke programme will be designed to get the most out of each session.


"Working with Carl has been life changing"
- Danica G

Often training with someone else can provide motivation and make sessions more enjoyable, creating the perfect environment for reaching your goals. An initial consultation and detailed health & lifestyle questionnaire will provide the information we need to design sessions which challenge, motivate and get the results you want.

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This package is a 12-week 360 approach to your fitness, body, and health. If you’re serious about making a change then this will provide the tools you need to make that change for life.

An initial consultation will provide a detailed insight and allow your coach and nutritionist to guide you through this journey to achieve the best results possible. This is less about a PT session and more a journey to a new version of yourself with coaches who are passionate about guiding you through the journey.


A mixture of both in person sessions and access to bespoke sessions via the CM|1 online platform will give you both motivation, clarity, and direction with your training. A tailored nutrition protocol with your personal nutritionist will provide an insight into your diet, how to eat for your goals and how to boost your health.


In app and messaging support means your coach can offer support and guidance even when you’re not in the gym.


So, what do you get?

• Consultation – In person or via zoom
• 24 in person sessions at private facility
• 24 sessions delivered via CM|1 online platform
• Bespoke Nutrition Protocol with your personal nutritionist
• 7 Zoom calls with nutritionist over the 12 weeks
• Optional functional testing
• Access to nutritionists App for logging food
• 8 CM|1 Recipe Books to ensure you can fuel and recover from your sessions
• CM|1 Guides on calories, alcohol, eating out, portioning and more
• Out of session support via WhatsApp and Coaching Apps
• A new you

Due to the detailed nature of this package, we can only accommodate a limited number of people.

Please enquire to see if you’re the right fit.

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